Pool Party Ideas

The summers are here, and so are the vacations. As you are scrolling through the list of activities for toddlers to engage the little minds, you may feel restricted by the heat outside. Why not consider organizing a summer party for children to chill and freak out and beat the heat.

With ToyExpress.In you can organize summer pool party for kids! Hire the wet play zone from ToyExpress.In and watch your little ones splash around in the cool waters having fun. The ToyExpress.In pool parties are different and unique giving you to choose from multiple themes and options.

Pool Party Planning & Invitation

Begin with choosing a specific theme for pool party. You could choose from one of these fun Pool Party Themes:

·         Pink Flamingos: This charming bird makes a perfect theme for pool party to make a dull summery day into an exciting pool party.

·         Let’s Make A Splash: Just throw in a few inflatables into the pool (can choose from a range of inflatable pools too)and you are ready for some splash magic. These inflatables are available on rent @toyexpress.in.

·         Beach Balls on Rent: The vibrant colors of beach balls make them a perfect invite, gives a lot of possibilities for fun & colorful decor and fun games.

·         Shark Theme Pool Party: This summer, invite sharks to your pool party. A shark themed pool party is a fun twist on an ordinary pool party.

·         Nautical:  Thinking about this theme will take you to a trip to Oceans and Beaches but its a perfect theme for a cool pool party too.

Leave no stones unturned to bring that WOW factor to your Pool Party! 

Invitation Ideas on Pool Party

·         DIY Craft Invitations: Make Flamingo and Pineapple Eye mask cutouts. On the back side write your invitation. Ask your lil guests to wear the Eye mask to the Party.

·         Beach Ball Invite:  Write your invite with a Marker pen on the Ball. Deflate and and send it as an invite with instructions to inflate to read the invite.

·         Invitation using Props: You can use inexpensive pool accessories like floats or guns or flip flop and tie the invitation to the prop with a ribbon.

·         Personalised Invites: Order personalized invites as per your theme.

Don’t forget to send invitations at least a week in advance so that people can Save the Date for you!

Pool Party Decoration Ideas

  It’s a must to dress up the Pool Area for your Party. Here are a few decoration ideas on Pool Party:

·         Balloon Decoration for Pool Party: Colourful Balloon garlands, arches and sculptures create a beautiful ambience around the Pool Area. ToyExpress.in is well known balloon decorator for pool party in Delhi NCR.

·         Popsicle Garland Decoration: Create jumbo Popsicle Garland for your next Pool Party!

·         Beach Ball Garland: Paint small Styrofoam balls as Beach balls and make your own Beach Ball Garland decoration at your next Pool Party!

·         Pool Noodle Party Decorations: Get creative and use Pool Noodles to create stunning decorations, perfect for your Pool Party!

·         Jellyfish Lanterns: Give your Pool Party that under the sea vibe with these whimsical sea creatures.

·         Inflatables: A wide range of inflatables is available in funky shapes (Flamingo, Popsicle, Doughnut etc) and colors to add a splash of color to your Pool.

Pool Party Games & Activities

·         Fish in a Slime Bag: The little guests can be guided with the ‘Fish in the Slime’ making activity which can be taken back home as return favour as well. This will always remind them how much fun they had at your pool party.

·         VolleyBall: Just throw in an inflatable Volleyball set and be ready for some great fun in the Pool.

·         Basketball: Just like an inflatable Volleyball Set, you can find a Basketball set too. Be ready to score some Baskets.

·         Pool Noodle Games: Try Pool Noodle Jousting or races. These games are always so exciting! Available @toyexoress.in on rent

·         Treaure Hunt: Throw in some coins or toy gems or some ‘treasure’ into the pool and have the kids jump in to find it.

·         Water Balloon Pinata: This Party Pinata will sprinkle the Lil Guests with water instead of candies! Let’s see how many can they burst? How fun is that!

·         Water Sprinkler: Set up a Splash Pad with a Water Sprinkler for the little tots!

·         Ball, Squirt, Score: 2 players use Water Guns to spray their Beach Balls towards each other’s goal lines.

·         Flip Flop Fun:  The lil partygoers will love decorating their pair of flip flops as per their unique styles. These can be taken away by the kids as return favours as well.

·         Summer Art Station: Create an Art Station for the Art Lovers. Provide Easels with Summer Coloring Pages and paints. Kids will love taking away their Art Creations home.

·         Balloon Bracelet: Create colourful bracelets with water balloons. 


 Inflatable Water Slide: Slide into the Pool on this Inflatable Water Slide. It’s absolute fun for kids as well as adults. Inflatable water slide available on rent @toyexpress.in

Water Bouncy On Rent: Get Water Bouncy with Slide on Rent for unlimited fun!

Inflatable Pool with Paddling Boats: A life size Inflatable pool is filled with water with some Paddling Boats. Kids can paddle the boats around in the pool and have some Boating Fun!

Foam Party: Foam is created in the life size Inflatable Pools. Kids and Adults can have some Foamy fun here!

Bubble Machine on Rent: Kids love bubbles and they make a perfect ambience for a Pool Party. Get a Bubble Machine on Rent and get the party started!

Walk on the Water: Get a Zorbing Ball on Rent @toyexpress.in and have your guests walk on water!

Kinetic Sand Play: Get the Sand and Water Table on Rent and get the creative side out of the kids!

Surf and Slide: Give your kids an experience of Surfing at the comfort of your home with the Surf and Slide available on Rent on Toyexpress.in

Return Gifts for Pool Party

Jelly Beans Skewers: Create Jelly Bean Skewers along with some colorful candies and pack it as a return favour. You can add a Thank You tag as per the theme to let your friends know how important they are to you!

Personalized Accessories: You can get some personal accessories like towels, caps, cups personalized and share it with your friends to give that personal touch.

Bubble Maker: Bubble makers are so much fun with the kids. You can make small and giant bubbles with manual or automatic bubble makers as per your liking. Its going to be a real hit amongst kids.

Bath Accessories: Kids love colors and foam in their bath. You can gift Bath Bombs, Floral Soaps, or even flavoured lip balms.

Sand Pail Favour: Send home the coolest pool party inspired favor with party guests. Load up the sand pails with sunglasses, flip flops, beach ball and treats with a Thank You tag to express your appreciation!


A Towel Station: Setup a Towel Station for some forgetful guests. They will be relived and feel well taken care of!

A Sun Protection Station: Help your friends with Sun Protection Cream to protect them from sunburn!


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